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Posted by gainans on July 22, 2015 Birthdays Flowers

Birthday Flowers All Day!

birthday flowersFrom the beginning of their day to the end of the evening, your loved one’s birthday is special. Gainan’s Flowers has the perfect floral arrangement to surprise them at any point in their day.

In the morning, greet them with a burst of sunshine! Our Here Comes the Sun bouquet combines sunflowers, roses, snapdragons and chrysanthemums in an eye opening display. The Sunny Sunflowers arrangement will add vibrant cheerfulness to their morning breakfast, and get their day started right.

birthday flowers

Here Comes the Sun

Or perhaps you’d like to surprise them at work with a floral birthday delivery. For a sophisticated and professional look, try the Orchid Garden. This symbol of love, luxury and strength is an elegant addition to any office or work space. Speaking of luxury, Oriental Lilies are the centerpiece of our popular European Splendor bouquet, which will make a graceful and colorful addition to their space long after their birthday has passed.

birthday flowers

European Splendor


When the evening comes, let the celebration begin! A classic bouquet of red roses is the perfect choice for an elegant dinner; or perhaps our Sunshine Bouquet and Fruit Basket will be just the things for your picnic under the stars. Whatever the celebration, and whoever is being celebrated – there is a floral arrangement that speaks exactly the emotions you want to convey.

birthday flowers

Sunshine Bouquet


Birthdays are special, and Gainan’s Flowers are experts at special gifts! Come into one of our 3 Billings area flower shops, and let us help you celebrate all upcoming birthdays with style, beauty and fun!

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