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Posted by gainans on September 29, 2015 Fall Flowers Roses

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October

breast cancer awarenessWhen October arrives each year, it often feels like the color pink takes over as companies offer their products in pinkish hues to honor and raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is a disease that sees hundreds of thousands of diagnoses each year, and it’s important to remember those who have lost their lives fighting the disease. A gift of flowers from Gainan’s can help remember loved ones, as well as help support those who have been recently diagnosed.

A Brief History About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer charities around the world band together in October each year to fundraise for research dollars to fight cancer, as well as to bring awareness of the disease to the public and ensure vulnerable women – and men – get tested. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was created by the American Cancer Society and a pharmaceutical company in 1985.

The purpose of the observance was to encourage women to get mammograms and to promote their use as an effective tool in catching cancer early. The addition of pink to the cause came around in 1991 when the Susan G. Komen Foundation began handing out pink ribbons to honor breast cancer survivors. The idea was similar to the red ribbons worn to raise AIDS awareness.

Since the introduction of pink to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pink has been seen on everything from packaging to the beautiful arrangements of pink flowers given during the month.

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What Flowers Should I Give in October?

Not only can a cancer diagnosis challenge a woman’s ability to endure physical pain, but her emotional wellbeing is also pushed to the limits as she battles the disease. As a friend or family member, sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say when someone has cancer. A large arrangement of beautiful flowers like roses and gerbera daisies can do the “talking” for you.

You might work for many hours to find the exact words to say to a dear friend, and it can feel difficult to say “I’m sorry” when it feels like a cancer diagnosis requires a much more eloquent response. Think of the joy your gift of pink roses will offer to your family member or friend. It doesn’t take a grand gesture just to let someone know you care.

It’s important that we never take anyone for granted, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month gives us all a chance to reconnect with loved ones and remember those we’ve lost to cancer. This year, donate your time to a charitable cause that fights breast cancer, and let flowers help you honor the courageous women who are still fighting.