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Seasonal Red Beauties for Autumn and Winter Floral Bouquets

Red is the color of the autumn and winter seasons. Between fall foliage, Christmas stockings, Valentine’s Day hearts, and all the magnificent flowers that bloom and grace us with energizing and uplifting feelings during these gloomy months, red deserves to… Read More about Seasonal Red Beauties for Autumn and Winter Floral Bouquets »


Jewel tones create a sensational yet cozy rainbow of alluring hues that scream fall. Named after popular gems like sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and emerald, jewel tones are ones that are vibrant, rich, and regal with deep, dark, and… Read More about WHY WARM AND COOL JEWEL TONES ARE THE DYNAMIC DUO OF FALL FLORALS »

🦃 Thanksgiving Guide to Decorating, Traditions, and Floral Inspirations 🍁

Happy Thanksgiving! There’s so much to love about this holiday – turkey, football, family, friends, naps, leftovers…! Plus, besides being a four-day weekend for most people, it’s also an event that signals the end of fall and the beginning of… Read More about 🦃 Thanksgiving Guide to Decorating, Traditions, and Floral Inspirations 🍁 »
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Discover New Fall Favorites With Mums

Fall is a wonderful time to see the beautiful colors of changing leaves. There are also many amazing flowers that bloom in the fall, and our favorite one is the chrysanthemum. These fantastic flowers come in a variety of blooms with many colors perfect for fall. Whether you’re decorating with fall flowers, sending them to someone special, or simply enjoying them in your garden, discover the world of mums and their many different varieties. It’s great to learn a little bit about where mums come from, too! Take a look at the different species available in chrysanthemums to discover new favorites. Take a look at these interesting fall facts about mums our floral experts at Gainan’s Flowers and Garden Center have dug up for you this season. Read More about Discover New Fall Favorites With Mums »
Posted by gainans on September 8, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Fall Fall Flowers

Experience The Beauty of Fall Blooms

At Gainan's, we always look forward to Fall with its cooler weather, warm blankets, and beautiful colors throughout nature. The autumn season is rich with gorgeous varieties of fall flowers: dahlias, pampas grass, cattails, safflower, Viking poms, fall daisies, Chinese lantern, pumpkin tree, bittersweet, and more! Take advantage of their availability in the Flower Bar at our Midtown Location this season and surround yourself with the season's deep colors and rich textures! Design your own bouquet to bring beautiful fall blooms into your home, office space, or outdoor area to create a festive fall look. Place gorgeous sunflowers on your desk at work, add dahlias to your coffee table, and place pots full of blooming chrysanthemums across your front porch. When you invite fall to brighten up your world, the possibilities are endless. Our Favorite Fall Bouquets Do you know someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary during the fall season? Be sure to browse flower designs and blooming plants available in our online Fall Collection. A beautiful bouquet of seasonal stems brings a bit of the outdoors in for a fresh perspective. We deliver throughout Billings, Laurel and Shepherd, and across the country, so you can share the joy of the season with friends and family members all around. Read More about Experience The Beauty of Fall Blooms »
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Support Women’s Achievements

This month we are looking forward to celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8. This is a global movement in which women around the world come together in their efforts at gender equality, both in the workplace and throughout life. The floral designers at Gainan's Flowers & Garden Center want to help you support women's achievements. Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your favorite female teacher, mentor, leader, or supporter. Let them know you recognize their efforts and support their goal of bringing balance for the better to our world. Read More about Support Women’s Achievements »
Posted by gainans on March 4, 2019 | Last Updated: June 8, 2021 Fall Flowers

Gainan’s Dahlias

Originally native to Mexico, the diversity of the dahlia is as colorful as its heritage. With over 2,000 varieties broken down into 16 types and 15 different color groupings, this versatile flower comes in many shapes and sizes; although… Read More about Gainan’s Dahlias »
Posted by gainans on November 3, 2015 Fall Flowers