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Posted by gainans on April 5, 2016 Flowers Spring

Celebrate April with Daisies

daisiesIt’s springtime at last! Spring brings back fond memories of nature for many; whether playing at a park or planting a garden of flowers. This April we are celebrating the season with the official birthday flower of the month, the daisy. In modern times, daisies represent these times of innocence and pure happiness that spring inspires. But through the years, daisies have meant different things to different cultures. In the Victorian era, for instance, the daisy represented trust and loyalty; in Roman mythology, they represented modesty.


The daisy is a part of an extensive plant family known as vascular plants; these species circulate water through the stems and leaves much as blood moves through a circulatory system. There are literally thousands of species in this family; from the familiar yellow and white Shasta daisy, to the colorful and joyful gerbera daisies.



Gerbera daisies are some of the most recognized of the floral family and are beloved for their bright and bold color scheme. Gainan’s expert florists love incorporating this fabulous daisy into arrangements that are truly one of a kind.

April is a month of cheerful springtime fun, and we want to help you bring that festive sentiment to your life. Whether for home or office, or for that special someone, the daisy is the perfect ambassador of the season.