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Posted by gainans on December 15, 2016 | Last Updated: November 7, 2020 Christmas Holidays

Creating Your Own Unique Christmas Tablescape

By now, you’ve decked the halls, hung the stockings and may be finished with your Christmas shopping. As you sit back and take a break from the holiday hustle, here are a few ideas to inspire your “tablescape” plans for the holidays. If you’re an avid gardener, just think of your dining room table as a plot of ground outside and fill the center with color, dimension and texture.


Think of your theme and what message you would like to convey. A table that sparkles sets a more formal tone while a woodsy or outdoorsy theme lends itself to a more casual look. Think of your tablescape as a way to connect with your guests.

This look involves anything that shines or is glittered. Place a collection of glass and crystal in varying heights. Use vases, glasses, goblets, bowls and votives. Fill each with little shiny glass balls and a few with matte finish for variety. Add some silver or gold candleholders and you’ll have a very fun sparkly table. Mirrors under the whole display will add a little extra drama.


If you have red twig dogwood, juniper bushes or mountain ash berries in your yard, you might have everything you need. Take an old wooden crate and fill it with pinecones and berries and place on the table at an angle. In two cylinder glass vases, arrange red twig dogwood branches. Make sure all the dogwood is of similar height and just arrange in a spiral style. Cut some fresh juniper or other evergreens branches and scatter around the box. Use several votive candles and place a few miniature shiny ornaments in the cones for some contrast. If you don’t have a wood crate or box, use a fresh evergreen wreath, lay it flat on the table and carefully wire in the pinecones.


Arrange items of significance down the center of the table. Use favorite pictures of guests printed in black and white or sepia tones in simple frames. For the guests that you don’t have pictures of, add a simple ornament that denotes something about them like volleyball, an antique paintbrush or a rainbow trout! Place each of these items in and among fresh evergreens or holly. Everyone will love looking at the tablescape because of its variety. The best part will be when you, the host, take time during dinner to tell everyone at the table why you picked what you did and why the people are special to you.