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Posted by gainans on September 2, 2015 Flowers

Gainan’s Asters

asterThe Aster, which is the official birth flower of September, includes over 600 species of star shaped flowering plants. Asters most often flower during the late summer and fall months, making it an appropriate flower to send this month. The origin of the aster flower reaches back over 4,000 years and although its name is derived from from the Greek word for “star”, it is also named aster in in many other languages as well.
In addition to gracing gardens for centuries, cut asters are also ideal for home arrangements and centerpieces. Due to the large variety of choice, asters can comprise the entire bouquet and still show great diversity in color and shape; of course other blossoms such as roses, lilies and gerberas are ideal companions.
The aster varieties offer a full spectrum of colors and many presentations of showy and luxuriously petaled flowers. With hues from reds to purples to golds, these blooms are a bold addition to fall birthday bouquets. The showy aster is also the flower of choice for 20th anniversary bouquets – making this gorgeous arrangement from Gainan’s perfect for yet another special occasion.

Asters are not only vibrantly beautiful wildflowers, they have differing colorful legends attached to them. One legend tells us that in ancient times, the perfume which arose from burning aster leaves would scare away evil serpents, ensuring the flower a spot in most home gardens. An alternate Greek story claims that asters are so prolific because they grew wherever the goddess Asterea cried. Why did she cry? Because she felt there should be more stars in the night sky. The Greek people also believed that the flowers were a talisman of love. So who can you send this potent flower to?

Whatever the story or meaning, there is no denying the fact that asters are a vivid and lush addition to your fall bouquets. Stop into one of Gainan’s Billings area locations, and let us help you to create the perfect bouquet, with this versatile September flower as the showpiece.