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Posted by gainans on November 3, 2015 Fall Flowers

Gainan’s Dahlias

dahliasOriginally native to Mexico, the diversity of the dahlia is as colorful as its heritage. With over 2,000 varieties broken down into 16 types and 15 different color groupings, this versatile flower comes in many shapes and sizes; although the differences in forms and appearance can be traced back to the crossing of only two species. The dahlia showcases great deviation in size, height, color and shape of the petals.


Flower heads range from 2 inches in diameter to an expansive 12 inches in diameter, and the number of rows of petals is also greatly diverse. Petals can be the palest of white, yellow and pink, to the deepest of purple, red or orange. Petals can be short, straight or curled, solid colored or patterned, spaced evenly or randomly, and pointy or round. Overall, the dahlia presents itself in so many ways that they blend beautifully with a range of flowers and hues.


Fall Charm


Dahlias make excellent wedding or anniversary flowers. Symbolism dating back to the Victorian era evokes a lasting commitment and an eternal bond, and therefore make them ideal for the love of your life. The flower does have an alternate meaning, however; should you wish to send as a gift, they signify dignity and elegance, and as such are wonderful to recognize someone with these qualities.

As you can see, the dahlia can be used for a variety of expressions and sentiments, limited only to your imagination. Whether as a standalone bouquet, or paired with other flowers – there is a dahlia flower for every occasion and floral arrangement. At Gainan’s Flowers in Billings, we can show you the many iterations of this popular flower, and help you to create a gorgeous dahlia bouquet for that special someone in your life.