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Posted by gainans on August 17, 2015 Flowers Summer

Gainan’s Flowers – August Gladiolas

gladiolaLooking for a unique bloom to send to your birthday honorees this month? The gladiola, a member of the iris family, is also known as the sword lily and is the August birth flower. The name is derived from the Latin gladius, a direct reference to the swords used by the ancient gladiators of Rome; a fitting comparison due to sharp pointy leaves and long stalks of blossoms which draw to a point at the top. Boasting 255 different species, the gladiolus can be up to five feet tall; and trumpet-shaped flowers in variety of colors are arranged in dual rows along the stem.

In floral history, gladiolus flowers are thought to symbolize a range of emotions. Because of their connection to gladiators, they traditionally represent strength, integrity and sincerity. Gladiolus blooms also traditionally evoke remembrance and are also often used in sympathy bouquets. And in a different interpretation of the sword-shaped leaves, Victorian lovers believed that gladiolus flowers could pierce their loved one’s heart with their beauty, thus ensuring their devotion. Through the years, infatuation has become a valid reason to send the flowers to the object of your affection.


The Monet

Of course, the gladiolus is also simply beautiful, elegant and create a striking floral display. As a birthday gift, selecting Gainan’s Monet Bouquet, which adds snapdragons, lilies and roses to the gladiola, is an artful arrangement sure to impress.

If you are sending a birthday bouquet or simply want to show someone they are special, the gladiolus is a stunning choice. Stop into one of Gainan’s Billings area locations to send one of our beautiful arrangements or to create a meaningful bouquet of your own.