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The Best Blooms That Are Non-Toxic to Fur-Babies

Many happy homes are exploding with purifying, vivid greenery, elegant flowers, and lovable, sweet, and often curious fur babies. While numerous pets, blooms, and plants can harmoniously live together in peace, some botanicals are toxic to dogs and cats. To avoid bringing home harmful and dangerous flowers and plants, your friends here at Gainan’s Midtown Flowers, the top florist in Billings, have a fantastic list of pet-friendly botanicals to create a rejuvenating, uplifting, and safe environment for everyone.

Safe Flowers for Pets


Like gerbera daisies, sunflowers bring an inspiring jolt of positivity, peace, joy, and optimism to your pet-friendly home. As these sunny blooms are safe for fur babies, they provide a brilliant alternative to poisonous blooms, like the common daisy or chrysanthemum. However, as with any flower, be sure that your playful pup or curious cat is not snacking on sunflowers often, as this may lead to mild digestive upset.


Orchids have been adored and loved for centuries, especially by pet parents. As these non-poisonous flowering plants can bloom in a wide range of colors, from red and pink to blue and lavender, and even green and orange, they are sure to seamlessly mesh into your floral collection and pet-friendly home décor. Orchids also make beautiful and meaningful gifts for friends, mothers, and loved ones since they symbolize, good fortune, abundance, luxury, fertility, affection, love, and elegance.


While some enjoy the minty taste of pansies, many people use these flowers for garnishing desserts and salads. These edible blooms can also be consumed by pets, in moderation, without it being harmful to their system. Pansies’ heart-shaped petals flourish in a unique combination of patterns and colors, such as blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow, making them a fun and vibrant addition to your indoor or outdoor floral collection.


Another stunning way to liven up your garden or home with your favorite hues is with petunias. These blooms are found in just about any color but are often discovered in pink, red, yellow, and purple. Their ovate or heart-shaped green leaves and signature trumpet-shaped petals are nontoxic to our furry pals. Petunias are perfect for displaying in window boxes or hanging baskets where they can whimsically cascade safely and out of reach to pets.


Zinnias are not only safe for pets but are one of many edible flowers. With hot, vibrant, and tropical hues, like red and orange, their bold, lush, and full petals cannot be missed among an array of botanicals perfectly arranged in a vase. On their own, zinnias are a great attraction for butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds and will continue to flourish and open even after they are brought inside from the garden.

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Flowers

Even as the flowers you bring home are carefully selected and safe for Fido, it is always better to keep blooms out of reach and away from playful pets. Many floral enthusiasts enjoy creating a beautiful “greenhouse” or designated section of their home where they can display and tend to their botanicals but is also inaccessible to fur babies. Other plant parents opt for creating a glorious floral wall in their homes where they can display their favorite flowers on shelves and hang colorful blooms. As you spend time gathering the best non-poisonous botanicals from Gainan’s Flowers, do not hesitate to reach out with further questions about our pet-friendly options.