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Posted by gainans on January 15, 2015 Weddings

Throwing a Red Themed Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMOnce you decide upon the date of your wedding, you’ll probably want to book the venues swiftly to snag the best locations for your wedding and reception. You’ll then decide upon the colors of your wedding, which will influence nearly every design, dress, and wedding bouquet decision you make. Let Gainan’s Flowers help you with that decision!

The Many Shades of Red

Remember that scene in “Steel Magnolias” where Shelby reveals her wedding colors are blush and bashful, and her mother insists they’re just pink and pink? When you choose the colors for your wedding, classic red isn’t the only shade from which to choose, and a subtle change in color can make an incredible difference for the look of your wedding.

Do you wish to show off your wild and untamed personality? You might choose a bright shade of red like scarlet, which represents passion and joy. Imagine walking down the aisle with a vivid cascade bouquet of bright red roses.

Do you want your guests to feel the romance and love of your celebration? You might try a ruby wedding, which will infuse your nuptials with subtle hues of pink within your gorgeous red.

How Color Makes the Most Impact

peggiesue12sm10042693413You’ll probably want to pair your main color of red with another color, and many brides choose white as a beautifully complementary color to a red wedding. However, you may also find a harmonious combination with a variety of brighter colors.

Red is called a “warm” color, and as such it infuses your wedding with energy and love. Warm red with a hint of cheerful pink is a lovely combination. Remember to try to stick to just a few colors. Any more than three main colors may make your decorations feel a little chaotic and mismatched.

Of course, if that’s your aim, feel free to go wild! Every bride has a vision for her celebration, and a reception that feels like a colorful, blooming garden of wildflowers will certainly brighten the spirits of your guests.

As the classic color of love and passion, red is an ideal choice for your wedding colors. You’ll love choosing your flowers, reception decorations, and ceremony accessories in vibrant hues of crimson, cardinal, dark red, or any other of the world’s beautiful shades of red.