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Posted by sbikos on February 6, 2015 | Last Updated: December 30, 2020 Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, Send One of These Beautiful Rose Alternatives

shutterstock_123839782Flowers are a time-honored way to show that you care on Valentine’s Day, and the rose has traditionally been the go-to bloom. Red roses, in particular, convey the energy of love and passion, so it’s no wonder that it’s been a Valentine’s Day staple for generations.

However, for those who want to break away from what’s expected and try something different, there’s a range of other Valentine’s Day gift ideas to choose from. Consider these “non-rose” alternatives for that special someone on Valentine’s Day this year:

Keep it Fresh with Tulips

Tulips are the hallmark flower of springtime and signify new beginnings. Their sleek, velvety petals and rich range of bright colors mean that there’s an ideal tulip for every taste and preference. From bright red to a rainbow of colors, find out your loved one’s favorite and order a bunch of fresh-cut tulips in a pail or vase.

Dazzle with Daffodils

Another gorgeous Valentine’s Day flower choice that will brighten their day is the bright yellow daffodil. While not a traditional Valentine’s Day flower, these blooms exude positive energy and will let the recipient know how much you care. Consider ordering a bunch of daffodils or mixed in an assortment with tulips, daisies, and other compatible blooms.

Opulent Orchids

The exotic orchid can add a “spicy” vibe to your Valentine’s Day gift-giving selection. Imported from tropical locations like Hawaii and South America, this chic bloom can help you to break from tradition in style and make a romantic impact. Orchids epitomize beauty, passion, strength, and a zest for life, so if this describes your connection with your partner, an orchid is a perfect choice.

Luxurious Lilies

Lilies are a stunning flower that is sure to make your lover’s heart skip a beat. The lily’s large, gorgeous shape always makes an impact, and you have your choice of lily varieties ranging from the elegant calla to the more exotic Stargazers and Asiatic lilies. Whether mixed with other blooms or on their own, the recipient is sure to feel the love.

If it’s time to break out of the routine of ordering red roses every year for Valentine’s Day, these flower alternatives can help you to change things up in style. Whether you want to send tulips, daffodils, orchids, lilies or any other bloom, Gainan’s has you covered. Contact Gainan’s Flower and Garden Center for more information or to place your Valentine’s Day order.