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Posted by gainans on January 28, 2016 | Last Updated: July 12, 2019 Flowers Roses Tulips Valentine's Day

What Your Favorite Flowers Mean

flower meaningsAs you search for the perfect bouquet for your Valentine this year, choosing a flower with special meaning can help you offer your beloved a truly memorable experience. Gainan’s Flowers will help you make the most of Valentine’s Day and your special flowers whether you’re personally delivering them in Billings, or you’re sending them across the country to a faraway friend.

Roses: Covered in Thorns Yet Most Beloved

When you see roses, they’re often in a vase or within a bouquet, and they aren’t on the original rose bush. Although some roses are free of thorns because of special breeding, most roses feature thorns when they arrive at your florist’s shop. Your florist will carefully remove those thorns before arranging them in a beautiful bowl of roses or a bouquet.

It’s amazing that a flower that tries so hard to prick and poke anyone who might seek to harm it would also exist as one of the true symbols of love and devotion on Valentine’s Day. The memorable and singular scent of the rose makes it an ideal gift, and it’s no wonder we quote Shakespeare when talking about roses.

Today, roses most often symbolize love, and red roses are the ideal color for communicating that love to your significant other. Roses in other hues are also lovely gifts to dear friends. Show appreciation to your mom with pink roses or convey friendship and good health with a bouquet of yellow roses.

flower meanings flower meanings

Tulips: Winter’s Perfect Flower

One of the first perennials we see in the early spring or late winter is the tulip, and your florist will begin to feature these unique stems very early in the year and just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic rose, tulips are a fine substitute.

They’re the official flower for your 11th wedding anniversary, and their colors are much like roses in that red tulips symbolize passion and romance. Yellow tulips are also a great gift for a friend at work where you want to convey friendship rather than romance.

flower meanings flower meanings

Choosing Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

Roses will always reign supreme for the official flowers of love, but tulips, orchids, and lilies are also terrific tools for saying, “I love you” or conveying any emotion you wish. You might offer your fiancĂ©e lilies as a symbol of devotion or orchid to your beloved if you’ve been married many decades.

While there are many unofficial meanings for flowers, there’s no rule that says you have to stick to roses or red colors when presenting a loved one with a beautiful bouquet. Get creative this year and surprise your spouse or significant other with a bright and vibrant bouquet.