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Trends for Winter Weddings

You’re a trend-setter and a free spirit. You’ve always done things your own way. And when it comes to choosing a time of year for your wedding, it might be slightly nontraditional to select winter – but it is just your style.


One of the more popular color palettes of the season is ivory and gray. So starting there as inspiration, here are some helpful tips to keep everyone warm and happy, even on a cold winter day.



Although gray flowers are fairly rare, ivory roses, hydrangeas and spider mums look elegantly frosty when air brushed with a gray tint – the same floral scheme can be used in bridal bouquets, place settings accents, centerpieces and cake details. The gray and ivory perfectly reflect the steely beauty of the winter months, and your winter wedding celebration.


For all your wedding floral arrangements, call Gainan’s. We love proving that winter weddings are as beautiful as any other time of the year and are here to help you create a winter wonderland all your own.