Aromatic Candles by Thymesassorted fragrances

Our non-metal wick provides a clean, pure burn time of a minimum of 60 hours.

KIMONO ROSE - Satiny rose. Sensuous peony. Rich jasmine. Effervescent clementine. Voluptuous black currant. Silken vanilla.  This delicately crafted candle brings forth the soft, classic scent of Kimono Rose. Alight your surroundings with the intricate origami of spring's most beloved flowers and create a delicate ambiance in any room.

NEROLI SOL - Sun kissed Neroli. Sweet Valencia orange blossoms. Tepid salty sea air. Weathered teak wood.  The Neroli Sol Candle is delicately crafted to bring forth warm light and tropical, floral citrus notes, creating a haven in your home.

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