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What makes our Bar Soap exceptional?

We know it sounds grandiose, but our Bar Soap really is a thing of beauty. Discover what makes our bar soap special below:

Shea & Cocoa Butters - Moisturizes and smooths skin.

Olive and Grapeseed Oil - Helps improve complexion.

Gentle Exfoliation - Our exfoliating formula offers enough grit to keep your skin healthy and fresh without over-exfoliating which can lead to dry and irritated skin.

Colossal Size - 8.8 oz

Triple-milled - Designed to last a long time. F&R Bar Soaps last months, not weeks.

Fine Fragrance - We wouldn’t have the best-smelling grooming products around without it! A mix of naturally sourced essential oils and perfumers’ ingredients with the express purpose of enhancing the experiential element of your grooming routine.

Rich Lather - Lathers up thick and foamy if you're using a washcloth but also goes a great job if you're going straight bar-to-skin too.

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