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As published in the Billings Gazette

Pumpkins - They're not just orange anymore!

This time of year I always lament the fact that I didn't plant any pumpkin seeds.

I thought I would take some time and research the different types of pumpkins and gourds that can be planted in the spring for fall harvest.

The list I came up with comprises some of the best types for our area but, there are many more.

Exotic pumpkins have recently become very popular. They include every color from white to red.

Some pumpkins have been grown in special crates so that, upon harvest, they are perfectly square.

The time value of pumpkins is increasing from September 1 through Christmas.

Decorators are spray painting them red and green or glittery gold and incorporating them into overall Christmas d├ęcor. Recently a designer made a Christmas tree by stacking pumpkins from largest to smallest and painting them green. So this week - it's everything PUMPKIN.

I've even heard that there are brew masters who have captured the essence of this special veggie in their own Pumpkin Ale. Maybe that's a stretch?

Jim Gainan is VP / Shareholder of Gainan's Flower and Garden Center in Billings.

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