Articles by Jim Gainan

As published in the Billings Gazette

Vines add unique color to the fall landscape

It not uncommon to see vines gracing arbors, pergolas, homes and fences throughout Billings.

Undoubtedly beautiful and full of purpose in landscape, vines left on their own can be a problem.

Kind of the Curious George type of plant, vines that are neglected have been reported to twist and turn their way down fireplace chimneys, through attics and even between trim and window casements.

Imagine returning from a summer vacation to find Engelman Ivy covering the walls of your living room!

The best way to avoid this is to keep ivy away from vents, windows and along the eaves of the house. Late fall, after the vine has gone completely dormant is a great time to do some trimming.

Jim Gainan is VP / Share-holder of Gainan's Flower and Garden Center in Billings.

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