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Best Gifts to Deliver Along with Flowers

This soft romantic design features rose lilies, fragrant stock, purple carnations, scabiosa and accents in a purple vase. 20"t x 13"w


Flowers are the perfect gift because no matter the occasion, they are always an appropriate choice. Plus, everyone loves flowers! A fresh bouquet of blooms has been proven to be a natural mood-booster and reduce stress. Not to mention, floral arrangements are simply beautiful and fragrant. There’s nothing quite like the excitement you feel as you receive a bouquet of gorgeous, fresh flowers from a local florist. Sometimes, though, you may be inclined to couple another item with flowers to make your gift all the more special and romantic.

Here at Gainan’s Flowers, we’ve got you covered on both counts. Not only do we offer a wide range of high-quality, pretty blooms, but we also have an assortment of unique gifts as well. For more romantic ideas, our experts curated the perfect list of other gifts that pair seamlessly with a lush bouquet of blooms.

Romantic Gifts to Pair with a Bouquet of Flowers

Dinner for Two

Don’t underestimate the pleasure of a home-cooked meal or a date night at a gorgeous gourmet restaurant. It’s a great way to show you care about someone by putting in the effort to cook and spend quality time together, but when paired with a lavish bouquet of flowers, that shows you’re really thinking out of the box! You can even use the blooms as a beautiful centerpiece on the dinner table.

Spa composition of roses

Spa Essentials

Enhance the effects flowers have on promoting tranquility, relaxation, and improving someone’s overall sense of well-being by pairing them with fragrant and luxurious spa essentials. Creating an at-home spa with bath bombs, soaps, body lotions, and face masks will be even more romantic with candles and a lovely floral arrangement.

Artisanal Chocolates

A delight for the taste buds to go along with a delight for the eyes and spirit, hand-crafted, specialty chocolates make the perfect companion to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. This classic and timeless romantic gift is one that will make all of the senses go wild!

vintage novel and pink rose


Reading a great romance novel next to a beautiful and fragrant vase of fresh flowers is truly a wonderful treat. While your love gets lost in the pages of their new love story, they will be reminded of you and your real-life fairytale.

Rose in glass dome stay on table of modern light flat in front of married couple


Inspired by a classic love story and fairytale, a romantic gift of a floral cloche can be interpreted as a symbol of hope, passion, romance, and love. Cloches are also a remarkable piece of decor that gracefully and elegantly aids in displaying delicate and romantic blooms for your loved one.

Golden earrings isolated, with white crystals and diamonds. Beautiful earrings on white background


The contrast of presenting something so ephemeral and delicate, like flowers, with something so sturdy and long-lasting, like jewelry, makes for a stunning gift combination that is hard to put into words. Both are truly wonderful, brilliant, and stunning gifts on their own, so together, they present a gift of amazement and beauty.

pink roses and bottle of champagne


Ever noticed floral-type words are used to describe a nice glass of wine? For example, the words “bouquet,” “delicate,” “fruity,” “sweet,” “bold,” and “vibrant” are frequently used. Wine and flowers share many similarities making wine a great gift to pair with a bouquet. Be creative in your choice of wine by matching either scents, floral notes, or colors to the flowers.

No matter which gift or token of love you choose to surprise your significant other with they will surely be blown away by the thought and consideration you have put into making them feel special.