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Posted by gainans on January 19, 2016 Carnations Flowers

Carnations for January


The carnation is quite an interesting flower.

The word carnation itself is derived from the word corona, a crown of flowers worn by the greek gods. In fact, a Greek botanist gave the carnation its’ botanical name – dianthus – which means “flower of the gods” or “divine flower”.


Some fun facts about carnations:


  • It is the official flower of January which makes it the perfect flower to give in honor of someone’s birthday this month. Because carnations come in such a wide range of hues, ask for a multi-colored bouquet, and don’t forget to add a mylar balloon – the entire gift is sure to bring a festive celebratory spirit to the party.
  • Couples commemorating their first anniversary should receive carnations, according to floral etiquette rules. Red flowers across the board signify passion, love and devotion, so a bouquet of carnations in that color would be perfectly appropriate. Light red is known to symbolize admiration and dark red red symbolizes deep love and affection.
  • According to a Christian legend, The Virgin Mary cried when Jesus was burdened with carrying the cross, and where her tears fell, pink carnations grew. They are now considered to be the symbol for a mother’s love.

  • Red and pink carnations on worn for Parents Day in Korea, where they symbolize admiration, love, and gratitude.

  • The carnation is the national flower for Spain, Monaco, and Slovenia. It is also the state flower of Ohio.


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