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Posted by gainans on July 20, 2019 | Last Updated: July 25, 2019 Flowers Plants Succulents

College Care Package Ideas- 5 Essentials

College students everywhere are preparing to return to campus in the next few weeks. This is an exciting time as they spread their wings and step out on their own a little bit. It’s also a great opportunity for us to show them how much they mean to us. Also, we can show how supportive we are of their academic endeavors. A great way to be supportive is with a care package of essentials. So, let your college student know how much you’ll miss with a gift they didn’t even know they needed. College students need a lot of things! So we at Gainan’s Flowers have compiled a list of essentials to include in your student’s care package.

Desk Organizer Staying organized is highly important during the college years. Keeping your space organized will keep your mind organized as well. Therefore, a desk organizer will help all those small office supplies stay put so students can work efficiently and move quickly as deadlines approach.

Safe A sturdy safe can be a great place to store sensitive documents, financial records, and even maybe some emergency cash. Having a locked space for important items that can be stored under the bed or in the closet is a college must have.

Portable Chargers Students and their electronics are on the go these days. So, keep them charged up and ready for action with portable chargers for their laptop, tablet and cell phone.

Linens Sometimes all it takes to be reminded of home is a special blanket, homemade quilt or fluffy pillow. Send items from home to remind your student of your love for them.


A Breath of Fresh Air One of the most important things you can send your student is a thoughtful, meaningful plant or flower design to let them know how much you love them. While flowers can brighten any room, we’re also excited about including plants from our garden center in dorm rooms and college apartments. Plants don’t just bring natural beauty to indoor spaces, they also freshen and purify the air, helping your student literally breathe easier as the stress mounts.


A lovely display that’s slender enough for a student desk is our Fascination. This vibrant design features Asiatic lilies, sunflowers, delphinium, spray roses, snapdragons and more in this colorful display. A baby blue and white striped vase adds colorful whimsy to this delightful display.






Send your college student on a stroll through a meadow with our Jumping For Joy design. Arriving in a clear glass vase, this piece features lavender stock, pale pink alstroemeria, hot pink spray roses, and mini carnations. Fragrant and feminine, this design will fill the room with scent and your student’s heart with joy.




Colorful succulents emerge from this decorative container in our Succulent Garden. Fresh, low-maintenance and super-trendy, these little plants bring big style to any college dorm room. Add a touch of nature with natural wood, smooth river stones and moss accents. And don’t worry- they can survive almost anything, including a busy student’s crazy schedule.







For students traveling out of state for school, our Medium Dish Garden can be sent anywhere nationwide. Remind them of the beauty of home when you spruce up their dorm or apartment with this lush green potted garden.

Students need to know how much you love them and care for them. Let them know they’re missed and that you’re thinking of them by sending something practical, helpful or beautiful. For more great college care package ideas, talk to the designers at Gainan’s Flowers. We will be happy to give you more ideas or help you choose the perfect design to send to your college student this fall.