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Posted by gainans on July 19, 2016 | Last Updated: June 12, 2019 Entertaining Summer

Entertaining Outdoors

From rambunctious backyard barbecues to elegant alfresco dinners, entertaining outdoors is synonymous with summer.
Whatever your plans, you must have ice! I’ve seen all kinds of containers filled with ice to keep drinks and food cold ranging from wading pools to wheelbarrows. I saw my favorite KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetie) way for keeping things cool at a family reunion – picture Miles City in August, it was hot! We inverted a folding table (legs still closed) on top of another standing table of the same size, lined it with a tarp and filled it with ice. Salads and platters of cold food were nestled into the ice. Perhaps if you entertain often, investing in a fun cooler like one of these may be for you. These are made from reclaimed materials like oil barrels.

Candles and flowers add a special touch, especially as the sun goes down. Float some flowers like these yellow gerbera daisies and candles in a bowl filled with water. Place on top of a pretty placemat or table runner and you have a simple centerpiece. You could also use submersible acolytes. They are available in many colors and will provide a glow well into the night.

This monochromatic design includes votive candles in colored holders, burgundy roses, purple poms and an artichoke on a bed of smooth pebbles. Very simple to create and stylish as it is, you can add some tall tapers to bring your tablescape to an elevated level of elegance.

Whatever your entertaining style, express who you are by adding touches of your personality. Add fun tableware or your favorite linens. Tie napkins with ribbon, hang lanterns or strings of lights, serve a signature drink in mason jars, red solo cups or in your favorite stemware. It’s all about having fun and enjoying time with family and friends.