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Gainan's Flowers & Garden Center

Posted by traci on April 13, 2016 | Last Updated: June 13, 2019 Trends

Modern Silk Flowers

I remember having artificial flowers in our living room back in the 70s.  A bouquet of white plastic daisies molded onto one green plastic stem that we would rinse in the sink to clean.  Permanent botanicals have come a long way since then.white rosewhite rose back

From molding to painting, today the making of quality permanent botanicals is an art.  Special effort is given to capture the essence of each piece from flower bud and blossom to each leaf and thorn.  Some flowers require dozens of steps to capture their natural beauty.  The goal is to make the flowers appear as natural as possible with great attention given to details such as texture and color gradations.  Some flowers go through a process of more than sixty steps before they are complete.  Hidden wires allow stems to be shaped into natural positions.

pink with bud

Flowers are not the only offerings from the fabric flower industry.  Trying to meet the passions of today’s creative culture of designers and consumers, manufacturers also create plants, garlands, nuts, fruits, vegetables, decorative branches and are ever increasing their flower offerings into the new and unusual.

red applebananas

Whether you are looking for permanent botanical pieces or just some inspiration, Gainan’s Flowers invites you to browse our Permanent Botanical department in our Downtown Store.  Join us for our Lifelike Flowers & Plants Sales Event at all three locations.  With savings of 30% on loose product, now is the perfect time to visit.