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Posted by Jim Gainan on December 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Tips For Making Valentine’s Day Special for Him with Flowers

There are several excellent reasons to give the gift of flowers to your partner this Valentine’s Day. As noted by a poll from the Society of American Florists, 60% of the men who participated conveyed a desire to receive an arrangement. Scientific studies also suggest that fresh blooms can improve men’s communication skills; they make solid eye contact and exhibit clearer body language when near flowers. Additionally, a lot of men have fond memories of flowers from childhood, whether it’s the fragrance of magnolia trees or the scent of lilacs on warm spring nights. At Gainan’s Midtown Flowers in Billings, Montana, we’re prepared to create a floral arrangement to make him smile this Valentine’s Day.

Tell Your Florist About Him

When planning the design of the Valentine’s Day arrangement, provide your florist with insights into your partner’s tastes, interests, and personality traits. The better they understand him, the more they can capture his essence in the floral design. If he adores a specific flower or has one tied to a remarkable memory of the two of you, mention it. Consider his scent preferences when choosing flowers, as options run the gamut. Also, consider where he intends to showcase the arrangement, whether it’s a compact option for his office desk or a larger one for his home.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

Studies point out that vibrant colors such as yellow, red, and orange can invigorate a man’s senses and perk him up. Red flowers, particularly roses, are a well-known symbol of love and passion, making them a traditional choice for romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day. Orange blooms represent warmth, energy, and enthusiasm, making them an excellent choice for brightening his day or honoring his striking personality. Yellow blossoms signify joy, a nod to the positive feelings he brings into your life. Knowing his favorite colors is a bonus.

Select Contemporary Designs

Instead of ornate Valentine’s Day designs with many flowers, select modern designs with clean lines reminiscent of contemporary art and architecture. Such arrangements often adhere to a single color scheme and may include tall, graceful bamboo, large birds of paradise, or a single type of flower, such as bold red anthuriums. On the other hand, you can request a style of design that emulates the natural beauty of the outdoors. For the man who revels in outdoor adventures, a bouquet that appears plucked freshly from a meadow can hold significant meaning. Think wildflowers, foliage, and earthy-hued blossoms arranged in a free-spirited manner.

Consider the Vase Choice

Instead of super ornate containers, opt for minimalist vases in neutral or dark tones that let the flowers do the Instead of ornate containers, select simple vases in neutral or dark hues that allow the flowers to be the focal point. Picture a vibrant red rose in a stylish black vase, creating a strong visual impact. The vase should complement the clean and modern lines of the arrangement, reminiscent of a man’s favorite tailored suit or a cozy, worn-in leather jacket. These lines create an elegant and sophisticated Valentine’s Day gift presentation.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

To honor your partner’s hobbies, consider customizing the floral container or integrating his passions into the bouquet. For instance, hide a mini saxophone with the flowers if he’s a saxophone player. If he’s an avid sports enthusiast, include a miniature team pennant or keychain in the colors of his favorite team. You can also combine the flowers with a meaningful gift, such as baked goods he loves or tickets to a museum. If he has a passion for food, combine the bouquet with a reservation at a hot restaurant he’s been eager to try. These personal touches showcase your love for him and your knowledge of his passions.

Embracing the idea of gifting flowers to men on Valentine’s Day can be a meaningful way to express your love. Let the experienced florist team at Gainan’s Midtown Flowers assist you in selecting and arranging the perfect blooms that resonate with his interests.

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