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Posted by gainans on January 26, 2021 | Last Updated: February 2, 2021 Flowers Gifts Love and Romance Roses Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is no longer just for couples to enjoy an evening out at a romantic restaurant. It’s become a day of love for everyone, including singles and your community. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the romantic occasion at home this year, your friends at Gainan’s Midtown Florals, Billings top florist, have a few unique ideas.

Seven Ideas For a Unique Date-Night-In

Roses and Lilies.The classic pairing of six premium long-stemmed roses designed with fragrant Oriental lilies in a flared glass vase. 30"t x 22"w

Send Fresh Flowers

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, you deserve a beautiful bouquet of fresh blooms. Let yourself experience the joys of being loved, even if it’s self-love. Browse our selection of fresh flowers and pick your favorites, like “Roses and Lilies.” You know they’ll be perfect to lift your spirits.

Favorite movie and popcorn

Watch Your Favorite Movies All Day

Grab the popcorn and get comfortable because you’re about to spend hours cuddling with your Valentine as you dive into your favorite movies. Share a list of your top three best-loved movies with your partner and they’ll share their list with you. Choose a movie from each list to kick off your marathon. Try mixing it up with romance, comedies, action, dramas, or even classic cartoons. You might even learn something new about your partner based on their taste.

A couple's yoga class. Fet and yoga mats.

Try a Couple’s Yoga Class

Strengthen your trust and communication within your relationship while you relax and find your zen together. A couple’s yoga class teaches you to physically rely on your partner during certain poses. This micro-retreat in your living room is the best way to escape the world around you and just “be” together.

Pink flowers jigsaw puzzle

Put Together a Jigsaw 

Set yourself up for a day of self-love with a heartwarming jigsaw puzzle. As you complete the photo piece by piece, escape reality for a while and focus on a calming yet rewarding task. Enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling Valentine’s Day with a puzzle that reminds you of a favorite hobby, movie, adventure, or one that just makes you happy.

Bucket list with red pen and coffee

Create a Couple’s Bucket List

While you’re snug inside at home, surprise your sweetheart by dreaming of amazing places to go, wonders to see, and adventures to embark on together. Create the ultimate couple’s bucket list of things you and your partner can’t wait to do together. Learn about their goals and see how courageous, or not-so-courageous they can be.

Box of chocolates with bottle of red wine and glasses

Enjoy Chocolate and Wine Pairings

Purchase a few bottles of wine and a whole lot of assorted chocolates for you and your Valentine to share. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll already know what wines pair best with each piece of chocolate. For those who are feeling experimental, test out the different combinations together and design your very own at-home wine and chocolate tasting.

Night sky of love. Stars in heart shape and couple kissing

Stargaze Outside with Hot Drinks 

Plan a romantic evening of keeping each other toasty warm while you sit under the stars. Lead your Valentine outside and bring a few hot beverages, like heated cocktails, hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Spend an evening stargazing and don’t forget a big ole’ blanket to cuddle under as you look up and admire nature’s loving gift.

Unplug and settle in. Enjoy a relaxing and romantic Valentine’s Day at home with gorgeous flowers from Gainan’s Midtown Florals for you to admire. The best way to feel love is with fresh blooms to fill your heart.