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Your Guide to Romance Month and Sweet Ways to Ignite That Spark This August

Why is August the National Romance Month?

That’s right! August is National Romance Month, and Romance Awareness Day is August 14th – exactly six months from Valentine’s Day. National Romance Month serves as a prompt to check in on your relationship; it’s also a reminder to celebrate love and intimacy with your partner throughout the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. The timing couldn’t be better as August is nestled between the winding down of summer vacations and activities and the wind-up to the Holiday season. It’s a moment of respite and the perfect month to focus on your relationship.

How to Observe National Romance Month

Use this time to take a pause in your busy life to appreciate your partner, show gratitude, and enjoy the closeness and companionship you have. Do this by making an effort to be more romantic and create special moments that will reaffirm your love for each other. For inspiration on romantic activities to do during National Romance Month, keep reading! The romance and flower experts at Gainan’s Flowers are happy to share our top romantic tips, ideas, and flowers to keep your love burning bright.

This soft fragrant design features Oriental lilies, stock, purple carnations and more in a purple vase.


Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Romance Month

Man expressing his love for his wife giving her a bunch of flowers at home. Senior woman happy to see her husband give her a bouquet of flowers.

Bring Home a Bouquet of Gorgeous, Fresh Flowers

Kick off Romance Month by surprising your significant other with a fresh bouquet of artistically arranged flowers. Your partner will surely be swept off their feet between their alluring beauty, rich symbolism, and inviting fragrance. Each time you both take time to admire these blooms and remember the romance, love, passion, desire, and affection behind them, that romantic spark will ignite and burn brighter.

Rear view of group of young friends dancing at summer festival.

See a Live Band

Live music can be a fun way to move, groove, and jam to good music together. See a favorite artist you and your partner share or discover new local musicians together. Dancing and singing can help release those “feel good” endorphins and bring you closer as a couple.

Create a Photo Book Together

Create a photo book that holds a collection of treasured memories you share with your partner. Whether this is a project you tackle together or a gift you surprise them with, photos are an incredible way to reflect on your romantic journey as a couple. Select pictures from vacations, nights out with friends, and even the first time you met or fell in love.

A man and woman rafting on a river

Do Something Adventurous

Taking a risk with your significant other can not only bring you closer but strengthen the trust you have in one another. Considering high-adventure activities like skydiving, white water rafting, parasailing, rock climbing, or riding the tallest and fastest roller coaster.

Happy friends having fun drinking wine at winery vineyard - Friendship concept with young people enjoying harvest time together

Go Wine Tasting

Take your partner on a delicious tour of wineries, vineyards, and breweries in your own backyard. Local wines and beers are often unique and delightful to the taste buds. Paired with a day date, this is a fun and romantic way to reconnect.

Stay Connected With Romantic Gestures

Incorporate love, passion, and romance into your everyday life with the little things you do and say to your significant other. Whether you are in a budding relationship or a lifelong marriage, it is crucial you never neglect to say “good morning,” “good night,” or “I love you.” Here are a few more simple and easy ways to make your partner feel special, loved, and appreciated daily.

Small Romantic Gestures that Make a BIG Impact:

  • Holding hands
  • Leaving love notes
  • Watching a movie together
  • Checking in with each other during the day
  • A daily “good morning” kiss
  • Saying “good night” every night
  • A shoulder rub
  • Flowers “just because”
Low and lush, this luxury bouquet features garden roses, hydrangea, ranunculus and accents in a textured vase.


Embrace Romance

Express your love for your partner every day! In addition to Valentine’s Day, Romance Month, and anniversaries, there are infinite reasons to embrace romance and sweep your significant other off their feet. Whether you continue enjoying elaborate date nights, incorporate romantic gestures into your daily life, or send flowers from Gainan’s Flowers “just because,” keep your romance alive and the flame burning all year round.

“Flowers don’t tell, they show.”

Turn up the heat this romance month