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Posted by gainans on November 18, 2019 | Last Updated: November 21, 2019 Flowers

5 of Our Favorite Flowers

Flowers are always in style and in season. At Gainan’s Flowers, serving Billings, Montana, we completely believe in the year-round power of flowers! In fact, with their beauty and pleasant fragrances, flowers actually have real power. Just by being around flowers, people can enjoy a variety of floral health benefits. For example, flowers can reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve your memory. They’ve also been shown to help people who are sick, injured, or recovering from surgery to improve much faster. With so many wonderful aspects of flowers, there’s no reason to wait for a special occasion or holiday. Why not order a bouquet today?

What Are the Most Popular Flowers?

Flowers gain notoriety thanks to unique beauty, exceptional fragrance, and symbolic meaning. Often the popularity of particular flowers depends on where and when you live. For example, camellias and lotus flowers are extremely popular in East Asia, but rarely used in other parts of the world. There was also a time when tulips were so desirable they were used as currency and comprised most of Holland’s economy. Although tulips are still a favorite today, it’s not likely you’ll hear about someone who’s willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a single bulb.

Our favorite flowers are all lovely and offer great versatility to a range of floral designs.

1. Roses

hot pink roses in a round vase

Graceful Roses

We love roses for their charming fragrance and classic beauty. You probably already know that red roses symbolize romantic love, but did you know that other colors of roses have their own meanings, too? For example, pink roses represent gentle feelings and admiration, orange roses are for passion, white roses symbolize purity, yellow roses are for friendship, and lavender roses should be given to someone you fell in love with at first sight.

2.  Hydrangea

purple hydrangea pink flowers and greenery in vase

The Monet

Hydrangea features snowball-like clusters of small, delicate flowers. They bloom in a variety of pastel and saturated pink, purple, and blue shades, in addition to white and green. Hydrangeas represent feelings of gratitude for being understood, which makes them the perfect addition to a bouquet intended for a close friend or confidant. The purple bunch of hydrangea in the above arrangement contrasts nicely with the lighter pink colors around it and lends some gravity to the design.

3. Sunflowers

Yellow and orange sunflowers in vase

Sunflower Fields

Symbolizing adoration, dedication, and pure thoughts, sunflowers never fail to stun with their bright, yellow petals and large brown centers. They make a great addition to any bouquet of vibrantly colored flowers.

4. Oriental Lilies

Pink lilies with lavender roses

Lovely Lavenders

pink lilies and purple mums with greenery


Oriental lilies are a group of lily species that range in color from white and yellow through pink and burgundy. They also often have petals which feature contrasting speckles, stripes, and dots. Depending on the color and type of lily, they can represent purity, sweetness, and passion. We love them for the delicate, striking beauty they add to our floral designs.

5. Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids bloom in countless varieties, hues, color combinations, and patterns. They represent glorious femininity, mature charm, thoughtfulness, and refinement. They’re the perfect gift for any special woman in your life.

What Your Favorite Flower Says About Your Personality

Flowers all have special meanings, but many also believe that a person’s favorite flower reveals something about their personality. For example, daffodil lovers are said to be great hosts. Those who prefer daisies are adventurous and optimistic. Lilac lovers enjoy nostalgia, and those who favor tulips also put their families first. If you love violets, you might be reserved and witty.

How to Order Flowers for Someone

When choosing flowers to send to someone other than yourself, don’t forget to consider the nature of your relationship with the recipient, the type of occasion, and the sentiment you hope to convey with your gifted bouquet. We recommend only using red roses for romantic relationships and occasions and also reserving all-white floral designs for more somber events, as they typically symbolize remembrance and sympathy. If you’re not sure, you really can’t go wrong with an arrangement featuring a variety of flowers and colors.

At Gainan’s Flowers, we make ordering flowers for anyone easy! Using our online ordering feature, you can send flowers just about anywhere. Plus, we always welcome customers to visit our flower shop for personalized assistance and recommendations with choosing flowers for an extra-special recipient.