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Posted by gainans on October 7, 2019 | Last Updated: October 6, 2020 Fall Flowers Halloween

Celebrate October with These Frightful Flowers

Welcome, October! Our florists at Gainan’s Flowers in Billings, MT, love bobbing for apples, stuffing ourselves with candy corn, going on hayrides, and exploring our way through a haunted corn maze. Flowers and everything floral, however, are always our favorite way to celebrate any holiday and season. This October, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit with festive bouquets and some of the world’s scariest and strangest flowers. Read on, if you dare!

Beware! These Spooky Flowers Might Give You the Creeps

Warning: The following flowers are not intended for indoor use!

Sumatran Corpse Flower

Titan Arum

Native to Sumatra, this flower gets its name, titan, from the Greek word for giant because it’s truly a giant flower. When in bloom, it can reach heights of up to 20 feet and can measure up to 16 feet wide! It’s not only an astonishingly massive flower, but the titan arum also has an unforgettable stench. Designed to attract pollinators, the flower’s pungent smell has been described as a combination of olfactory horror including rotting fish, limburger cheese, chloraseptic, and sweaty socks paired with a slightly sweet aromatic note.

Thankfully for fresh air’s sake, the titan arum rarely blooms — sometimes as infrequently as once per decade.


Hydnora Africana

Native to southern Africa, this subterranean plant, the hydnora africana lives completely under ground until its dread blooms burst through the soils. This parasitic plant has no chlorophyll, but feeds on the roots of neighboring plants. Its flowers resemble the toothed mouths of hungry monsters. They emit a foul smell, which attracts dung beetles and flies. When insects venture past the flower’s “teeth” the bloom snaps shut, trapping the unsuspecting insect for days, until it’s sufficiently smothered in pollen.

Corpse flower

Stinking Corpse Lily

This giant bloom resembles something from an alien world or “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” but it’s actually native to Sumatra, like the titan arum. This plant boasts the largest single flower on Earth, as its petals have been measured extending to nearly three-an-a-half feet in diameter. Unlike other flowers, the stinking corpse lily has no roots, leaves, or stems. Rather, it thrives like a parasitic fungus, living inside and off nutrients gathered from host vines. As its name suggests, this flower packs a powerful punch to the nose. It attracts beetles and flies with its strong smell of decayed flesh.

Use These Frightful October Flowers Instead

You don’t have to spend all your time with stinky, scary flowers to get into the Halloween spirit. We recommend incorporating the following flowers and late-flowers into your October arrangements.


Traditionally regarded as cheerful, potted chrysanthemums make the perfect choice for autumn flowers. They look beautiful around an entryway or next to the front door. They can also be used as centerpieces. Plus, they’re available in almost every color, including all the October favorites like yellow, gold, orange, and burgundy. Just be sure to bring them indoors before a frost!

Black Roses

No flower screams Halloween louder than the black rose. Arranged in an all-black bouquet, they create an especially macabre vibe. For a more festive, less scary, effect combine them with a variety of orange and yellow flowers. Tie the arrangement off with a ghostly ribbon and add a few sparkly touches, like glittery bats or spiders for fun effect.

Snapdragon Seed Pods

It’s hard to believe that these grim, little seed pods grow naturally and aren’t manufactured for the shelves of Halloween supply stores. That’s right. These teeny-tiny skulls start their lives as vibrantly blooming snapdragons. After the flowers die and the pods release their seeds, the pods are left looking like tiny skulls on a monster’s miniature stake. Add them to your arrangements or pop them into a front door wreath for an extra spooky look.

Ghastly Ghoulish Flowers for Halloween

October Flower Treat

If you have an upcoming Halloween party or harvest dinner or simply want to make your house festive for October, our expert florists at Gainan’s Flowers can help you select the perfect bouquets and blooming potted plants to celebrate the season, like our October Flower Treat bouquet. Decorate your front door to welcome trick-or-treaters or bring the festivities indoors. However you choose to decorate, we’ll make sure you have the perfect autumn flowers for October! Stop by our shop or order online today!