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Posted by gainans on July 15, 2020 | Last Updated: September 29, 2020 Flowers

Easily Transform Your Home into a Tropical Oasis with Plants

Being in nature is an excellent way to relieve stress and unwind, but if you can not get out as often as you would like, then bring the green in and build our own relaxing oasis with plants of all shapes and sizes in your home. Science has demonstrated the many health benefits of plants such as stress reduction, heightened creativity, and improved productivity. For a great selection of plants to get you started on creating your personal tropical oasis, read more below.

Have Your Own Indoor Tropical Oasis

Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm is superb at improving indoor air quality. A low-maintenance plant, this lush plant has elegant green leaves that are slender and somewhat arched. With proper care, the Parlor Palm will last for many, many years.

Snake Plant

A unique tropical beauty, the Snake Plant is able to grow up to 12 feet in height. Its wonderful sword-shaped leaves are dark green with colorful variegated white and yellow striping which adds exciting drama. The Snake Plant is also known for its air-filtering properties and releasing oxygen at night.

Rubber Plant

A tree-like plant, the Rubber Plant possesses waxy, dark green, very large leaves which unmistakably make a statement. A complement to any room or decor, this abundant plant can grow between six and ten feet tall.

Money Tree

It might not bring you wealth, but this beautiful lush tree will surely add vitality to your home. Its braided trunk and glossy green leaves make it a popular houseplant.

Croton Plant

If you are looking for a plant with more color and drama, then the Croton plant is an excellent choice. Often grown outdoors in tropical climates, this hardy plant makes a great houseplant, too. The leaves come in a variety of shapes and colors with bands of yellow, red, pink, black, cream, or orange running through them.

Ponytail Palm

This fabulously unusual plant is actually not a tree or a palm, but a succulent. Its bulbous trunk collects water while its long, thin hair-like leaves sprout from the top of the trunk and cascades downwards like a ponytail.

Plants with Fragrance Add a Scent-sual Element

To really feel like you have brought the outside inside, include plants that have fragrant leaves or blossoms. Examples such as rosemary, mint, verbena, and bee balm have wonderfully scented leaves, and lavender, jasmine, gardenia, and geraniums have pleasantly scented blooms.

When organizing your indoor oasis, think about your whole space. If you have limited floor space, place plants on shelves, stairs, windowsills, or counters. Group plants of varying sizes together to create an appealing, lush area. For any plants which may be harmful to pets, put them in a hanging planter. The intent is to green-ify your space and reap the benefits of having a little slice of paradise in your home.

Indoor Oasis

Here at Gainan’s Flowers, we have an excellent selection of plants for you to choose from or to gift to someone since living plants make the perfect gift!