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Fall Floral Guides 🍂

What is it about the fall season that re-energizes us? The cooler weather? Pumpkin-spiced everything? Halloween? Whatever it is, it’s amazing. Fall is a season like no other where the leaves turn from summer green to dark, rich, jewel-toned autumn hues that shimmer beneath blue skies. Harvest festivals, bobbing for apples, giving thanks, and football are also part of this season. It’s a time of different aromas, textures, colors, holidays, fun activities, and great weather. Here at Gainan’s Flowers, we love fall for the amazing flowers and love creating fall-themed bouquets that help welcome the season into your home. Enjoy more of all fall has to offer by reading our best autumn-themed posts below. You’ll discover amazing information about fall flowers, porch decorating ideas, fall gifts, and more!

Discover New Fall Favorites with Mums

Fall is a wonderful time to see the beautiful colors of changing leaves. There are also many amazing flowers that bloom in the fall, and our favorite one is the chrysanthemum.

Experience the Beauty of Fall Blooms

The autumn season is rich with gorgeous varieties of fall flowers: dahlias, pampas grass, cattails, safflower, Viking poms, fall daisies, Chinese lantern, pumpkin tree, bittersweet, and more!

Fall Decorating

Fall decorating is all about capturing the warmth of the season with rich colors, spicy fragrances and cozy settings – both outdoors and indoors. Greet your neighbors and visitors with a festive outdoor display.

Planning for Fall Frost

According to the Yellowstone County Extension Office, our average first frost date is September 22, but keep an eye on the weather forecast – a frost that will kill tender plants occurs at 26-30 degrees.

Halloween & Fall Flowers

People get excited about autumn for a variety of reasons. Whether you look forward to cooler weather, Sundays in front of the game or some scary trick-or-treating – fall’s crisp attitude makes everything seem a little more fun.

Fall Happiness: Flowers

Although summer seems to get much of the attention, there are a great number of people who prefer the autumn season. With this fresh and crisp time of year now upon us, there are a myriad of way to celebrate the ambiance.

Creative Gift Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Host or Hostess

If you’ve been invited to someone else’s home for Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving this year, don’t forget to show your gratitude with a thoughtful gift for your host or hostess.

Celebrate October with These Frightful Flowers

Welcome, October! Our florists at Gainan’s Flowers in Billings, MT, love bobbing for apples, stuffing ourselves with candy corn, going on hayrides, and exploring our way through a haunted corn maze.

Gainan’s Cornucopia

You may think that one of the most popular images of Thanksgiving, the cornucopia, came to us by way of the Pilgrims. But we can actually thank Greek mythology for this symbol that now is present on so many Thanksgiving tables.

The Thanksgiving Table

Of course, Thanksgiving would not be the same without the traditional turkey. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that nearly 95% of us will sit down to turkey this November 27. But was the bird present on the very first Thanksgiving in 1621? We aren’t really sure.


Are you hosting Thanksgiving, or are you looking for the perfect hostess gift for the woman who will host you and yours? Fall flower arrangements are a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving celebration!