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Posted by gainans on December 15, 2015 | Last Updated: November 7, 2020 Christmas

Gainan’s Holiday Treats

holiday treat

Holiday Gourmet Snack Basket

Kids come home from college. Aunts and uncles come by for dinner. Friends drop by unexpectedly. The holiday season means full houses and full hearts; the people that mean the most to us have the ability to make our holidays more special than any other time of the year. Whether you are expecting everyone at your home, or you’ll be knocking on someone else’s door – having plenty of holiday treats is a Christmas tradition.

What is your idea of a perfect snack? For some folks, cheese and crackers is the ideal food; chips and pretzels are the salty food of choice for others. For many, the holiday just wouldn’t be the same without sweets – candy canes, caramels or cookies are the way to their hearts. The Holiday Gourmet Snack Basket offers these foods and many more – with all of the available choices crammed into this one basket, everyone on your holiday gift list is likely to be happy.

Everyone loves a holiday surprise, especially one that they can all share and enjoy. These gifts baskets make popular gifts for office colleagues or employees, the teachers in the break room, or your relatives across the miles. To make the gift basket even more festive, consider adding the most popular Christmas bloom to be delivered as well – the vivid red poinsettia, the official flower of the season will bring holiday spirit to any home or office that displays it.

Everyone has a favorite way to celebrate the holidays – from holiday treats to festive flowers to Christmas candles, you can find all of your seasonal needs right here at Gainan’s Flowers. We appreciate your business all year round, and offer our warmest holiday greetings to you and your family.