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Posted by gainans on February 20, 2024 Fall Flowers

Selecting the Most Ideal Flowers for International Women’s Day

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, an important occasion when we spotlight women’s causes and shed light on critical issues. It’s a time to celebrate the women who have paved the way for your aspirations and to recognize the community that has contributed to your growth. The colors that symbolize this significant day are white (indicating purity), purple (signifying justice, dignity, and loyalty to the cause), and green (signifying hope). Send fresh flowers in these meaningful hues to the women and supporters who have inspired you, motivating you to persevere through any challenge. At Gainan’s Midtown Flowers in Billings, Montana, we’re eager to assist you in commemorating IWD with heartfelt gratitude and a fresh bouquet.


Roses hold a timeless and universal appeal, resonating with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They stand as enduring symbols of love in all its forms. Choose roses in the shades associated with International Women’s Day, or convey a tailored and empowering message to your recipient via the language of color. For instance, pink roses express admiration and thankfulness, while yellow roses represent joy and friendship, which align beautifully with this occasion. Regardless of your choice, roses are a heartfelt tribute to anyone you honor or celebrate this IWD.


International Women’s Day falls towards the end of winter, signaling the approach of spring in many places worldwide. Tulips, renowned springtime flowers, are symbols of renewal that herald the onset of this fresh season. Presenting a bouquet of tulips to people you admire and respect is a way to recognize their successes. It also conveys hope for positive transformations while expressing appreciation for their impact on your accomplishments. With a wide array of tulip varieties, you have the flexibility to craft imaginative bouquets, perfect for celebrating all women and their allies.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies — messengers of happiness — bring vivid hues into flower arrangements. Their big, bold blooms have a natural ability to spread joy to those who receive them. Gerbera daisies are special blossoms, showcasing distinct charm and embodying compassion, strength, and determination. Offering them to someone you admire on International Women’s Day is a way to share positivity and recognize achievements. Gerbera daisies also represent purity, making them an impactful choice as we recognize the pure intentions the folks we acknowledge on IWD.


On International Women’s Day, peonies, especially in full bloom, bring honor, compassion, and love to floral designs. They boast a longer vase life compared to many other blossoms, a testament to their hearty nature that’s symbolic of women’s resilience and unwavering spirit. Giving the gift of peonies is a way to express deep admiration for the enduring impact of women and their allies across various domains. Moreover, peonies are symbols of prosperity, ushering in success, happiness, and favorable outcomes for folks who receive them.


Orchids offer remarkable versatility in terms of shape, color, and symbolism, depending on your flower choices. This adaptability provides an opportunity for expressing your creativity, making orchids ideal for conveying an array of sentiments on different occasions. With their sleek and contemporary appearance, these tropical blooms appeal to many people, including women and those who stand by them. Selecting orchids for International Women’s Day is a modern and stylish way to express gratitude and admiration to those who have blazed the trail for women.

Mimosa Flower

Mimosa flowers, or silver wattle, are the primary blooms for International Women’s Day due to their representation of sensitivity, sensibility, and strength. To infuse bouquets with similar warmth and sunshine on this holiday, let bright yellow daisies be the star of the show. Combine them with fresh spring greenery and blooming accent flowers such as yellow alstroemeria, gold aster, wax flower, and goldenrod to create a full and abundant design. Or you can feature yellow chrysanthemums, known for symbolizing trust, friendship, and happiness, to make a similar warming impact.

As you deliver flowers to the people you wish to honor on International Women’s Day, it recognizes their impact, making them feel seen and appreciated in a beautiful way. Let the expert team at Gainan’s Midtown Flowers assist you in celebrating the holiday with bright blooms.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day