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Posted by gainans on October 25, 2019 | Last Updated: November 7, 2019 Fall Flowers Sunflowers

The Simple, Sunny, Sunflower

The sunflower is a shining, bright symbol of late summer and the oncoming fall season. It’s hard not to smile when looking upon a field of sunflowers, and there’s no better way to brighten a home than having some fresh sunflowers beautifully arranged sitting on a table or counter. Spread the joy of the sunflower and the joy of fall by sending someone a bouquet of sunflowers. Here at Gainan’s Flowers, our expert floral designers love working with sunflowers and sharing the joy with the Billings, MO, area and surrounding communities.

It’s hard to outshine the sunflower, which is why it’s often the statement flower of the arrangement and surrounding accents make it shine even more, like in our Sundance and Fall Gem bouquets.


Fall Gem

However, the sunflower itself can be used as an accent and is a great complement to a variety of other seasonal flowers, such as in our Fascination arrangement. Also, to really highlight the vibrant yellow of the sunflower, pair it with a contrasting color such as purple or bright orange.



Sunflower Fields

Adding an arrangement of the delightful sunflower to your home or office is like adding a bit of sunshine itself. Fresh flowers with vibrant colors immediately transform the surrounding space into a relaxing, happy area.

Choose Sunflowers For Fall Decor

For adding a touch of fall charm to your front porch, place some sunflowers in tin buckets, wood barrels, pitchers, or mason jars. Decorating with sunflowers immediates gives a rustic, lovely touch to wherever it is placed. They can also be added to displays including pumpkins, fall leaves, cornstalks, and hay to enhance your porch and welcome the fall season.

Bring a touch of fall into your home as well with a simple single sunflower bloom on a long stem, or a cluster of sunflowers placed about your home. Whether you’re going for rustic and charming, elegant or fun, include sunflowers in your decorating and gift-giving this fall. With so many decorating and arrangement options, the sunflower can be enjoyed by everyone.


Brighten someone’s day, or even your own day, by getting some fresh sunflowers today! Contact the flower experts at Gainan’s, or visit them in person, to help you bring a little fresh sunshine into someone’s life.