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Posted by gainans on March 25, 2021 | Last Updated: March 27, 2021 Carnations Flowers Gerbera Daisies Orchids Plants Spring Sunflowers Tulips


Welcome spring with a new way to refresh, reorganize, and refine your home. It’s time to trade in the toxic chemical cleaners, paper towels, and aerosol fresheners for something more eco-friendly. This year, your friends at Gainan’s Flowers, the top florist in Billings, have prepared a list of their favorite spring cleaning hacks, tips, and other ideas to freshen up your home. This list wouldn’t be complete without the best spring flowers with uplighting, relaxing, and purifying abilities.

Refresh Your Kitchen

After a long winter, freshening up your kitchen is a wonderful way to welcome the spring season. As you dive into scrubbing and cleaning the usual places, like the countertops, inside the microwave, and putting away dishes, don’t neglect the easily ignored inside of your dishwasher. It truly is as easy as turning on a high-temperature wash cycle after pouring in a few cups of white vinegar. Eliminate chemicals and toxins while you ensure your dishwasher is clean and in working order.

Refresh with Spring Flowers

Another “Mother Nature approved” way to freshen up your kitchen is with your favorite spring blooms or a lovely green plant. Adding a few natural elements after a deep clean is a perfect way to incorporate a mood-boosting burst of color into your kitchen. While displaying a floral arrangement as a centerpiece on your dining table or counter is nice to admire, it also increases oxygen flow and air circulation.

  • Peace Lily: A popular plant to purify your air
  • Carnations: Offers a unique fragrance that is long-lasting
  • Tulips: Early sign of spring and symbol of rebirth
  • Eucalyptus: Open your senses with a rejuvenating aroma

Reorganize Your Bathroom

Reorganizing and spring cleaning might lead you to purge clothing from your bedroom and expired food from the kitchen. But when did you last toss out expired medicines, worn towels, and empty skincare products? Our favorite way to revitalize the bathroom is by clearing each shelf to wipe it down, and thoughtfully replacing each item. So, before you shove the entire stack of towels back into the closet, ask yourself, “should I repurpose this, throw it away, or continue using it?”

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

A fresh fragrant and stress-relieving spring flower arrangement is perfect for your reorganized bathroom. Ensure a warm welcome each time you walk into this space with a sweet burst of color. We love displaying florals next to the vanity or by the sink, so we can admire them as we get ready for the day.

  • Daffodils: Lift your spirits and symbolize new beginnings
  • Gerbera Daisies: Encourage joy and cheerfulness
  • Sunflowers: A symbol of optimism and positivity
  • Hyacinths: Known for their heavenly aroma

Refine Your Bedroom

The way you position your furniture and decorate your bedroom has a significant impact on your quality of sleep. This spring, refine the place where you recharge and rest each night and create a relaxing sanctuary to inspire calm and positive energy. Ensure your pictures and artwork are hanging thoughtfully on the walls instead of propped up on your dresser or nightstand. Refine the placement of your curtains if they are not hung wide enough or high enough. Finally, to create an easy flow of energy around your bed, make sure it is not blocked by anything you have stored underneath or positioned near drafty vents or windows. 

Refine with Spring Flowers

Give your bedroom some love with your favorite breathtaking spring flowers. A sweet floral bouquet will lighten and brighten both your space and mood. Some favorite go-to blooms offer invigorating scents and inspiring symbolism for a restored and refined room.

  • Sweet Peas: Provides a blissful aroma associated with the Victorian Age
  • Peonies: Inspires happiness and good luck
  • Hydrangea: Encourage a harmonious sleep throughout the night
  • Orchids: Balance energy with refinement

How are you welcoming in the new spring season? If you are still on the hunt for the perfect floral bouquets and lively green plants to refresh and refine your home, the experts here at Gainan’s Flowers cannot wait to lend a helping hand. Revive and purify your home with invigorating aromas, mood-boosting energy, and tranquil feelings from Mother Nature.