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Posted by gainans on April 1, 2020 | Last Updated: April 23, 2020 Flowers

Why You Should Look for Sustainable Flowers

It’s become commonplace to consider the origins of the eggs in your breakfast omelet and the energy used to power your plugged-in life, but have you ever really considered where the flowers in your bouquets and other floral designs come from, how they were grown, or how far they were shipped? If you’re like most people, the sustainability of your florist probably hasn’t ever crossed your eco-conscious mind.

The floral industry, however, has a pretty sizeable impact on the environment. Consider the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, grow lights, long-haul shipping, water additives, and waste. Just because some flowers aren’t so eco-friendly, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy flowers responsibly from a sustainable florist like Gainan’s in Billings.

Flowers in a Field

Do Eco-Friendly Flowers Really Exist?

Yes! Eco-friendly flowers come from sustainable growers who use natural growing methods to produce their blossoming products. With these types of growers, there’s no need for harmful fertilizers or pesticides and no energy wasted on unnecessary grow lights. Plus, these producers tend to focus on supplying local florists to reduce distribution and shipping impacts.

Practices of Sustainable Florists

Growing Buds

Uses Recyclable Materials

Sustainable florists prioritize the use of recyclable materials and do their best to minimize the use of non-recyclable materials such as florist’s foam. For example, an eco-friendly florist will wrap flowers in paper rather than plastic.

Minimizes Waste

Sustainable florists don’t let flowers or other plant material go to waste. They’ll either donate unused blooms to hospitals and nursing homes and/or compost the unused materials.

Smart Delivery Routes

Cleverly designed delivery routes save us time and money, which reduces the price of delivery services, but most importantly they reduce the overall carbon emissions produced by floral delivery services.

Sources Flowers Locally

To minimize the impact of shipping and distribution, eco-friendly florists source their flowers from nearby growers that also use sustainable practices in their operations.

Flower Farm

How You Can Help Reduce Your Bouquet’s Impact

There are a few ways you can help, too! First, we recommend giving your flowers a second life by either drying them to be displayed or composting them to fertilize your garden. We also encourage customers – especially high-volume commercial clients – to reuse vases and other containers. You can have them refilled or you can simply turn your containers back into our florist following a big event, like a wedding.

Probably the most significant way you can help the environment and our community is to order your flowers locally. When ordering from nation-wide delivery services, your flowers will have a great distance to cover. Ordering locally significantly reduces the impact of flower delivery. Plus, you’ll receive the freshest, most beautiful flowers from a florist you can trust.

Flowers in a Greenhouse

To learn more about how Gainan’s practices sustainable floristry to provide a superior product while protecting the environment, we welcome you to contact us or stop by one of our flower shops.