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Posted by gainans on August 27, 2020 | Last Updated: August 31, 2020 Plants

Gainan’s Knows Plants

Gainan’s Flowers & Garden Center is delighted to be your local experts on everything plant and flower related in Billings, Montana!

We’ve spent years writing about our favorite plants, how to care for them, why they are useful, and what to look for. These are a few of our favorite plant guides over the years.

Lessons From “The Plant Man”

Our Favorite Plants For the Home

The Best Indoor Winter Plants

Indoor Plants To Create a Tropical Oasis

Outdoor Ambiance With Plants

How to Know if Your Indoor Plant is Getting Enough Sun

How To Grow Succulents

How to Grow Acid-Loving Plants in Montana

How to Care for Established Lawns

Perennials Are a Great Plant Choice!

How To Grow a Vegetable Garden in Yellowstone County

Solutions to Common Tree, Shrub, & Lawn Problems

How to Care for Strawberries

How to Water Your Garden Wisely

How to Grow Potatoes

Our Favorite Ornamental Grasses & How to Grow Them

How To Grow Geraniums

Gainan’s is always here to help! Check out some of our favorite plants or give us a call for more information!